The Bel Air FC is a part of the Bel Air Recreation Committee will provide a competitive soccer experience for the youth soccer player. We will strive to create an environment that will provide each player with a valuable learning experience, an

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Frequently asked Questions

NEW SAFETY RULES Players in U13 and younger shall not engage in heading,either in practice or games.U13 and above shall be limited to no more than 30 minutes of heading training per week with no more than 15 headers per player per week.Referees will be instructed to enforce these rules during game play.

What does my registration fee cover? Your registration fee covers a uniform (shorts, socks and a jersey), it also covers field maintenance, referee fees, trophies/medals, and a portion goes to the Bel Air Recreation Committee for insurance and general costs. 

When does the season start and end? Our season typically starts the last Saturday in August and ends the middle of November. Practices start usually the middle of July and occur one or two nights per week, practice times and nights are usually decided by the coach. Typically U8 are Mondays and Wednesdays, U10 Tuesdays and Thursdays, U12 Tuesdays and Thursdays REMEMBER all practice nights and times are at the discretion of the coach. CLINIC teams typically do not practice during the week.  All Recreation teams are limited to one practice per week when school is in session. 

How is the league organized? Our overall program is run by an all volunteer force. The individual responsible for the overall direction of the program is the chairperson. Working with the chairperson are age commissioners, coaching staffs, and referee coordinators and various parent volunteers.

How are teams formed? Teams are formed by the age commissioner each year randomly based on the number of players in each age group and the number of available volunteer coaches. Coaches usually have their teams on or about July 1st. While we try to honor transportation and unusual special requests, typically our teams are formed with no respect to last year’s roster. 

Where and when are games played?  Currently  Soccer practices and games are played at Southampton Middle School,Tollgate, Rockfield and Red Pump. Boy’s and Girls games and practices are held at Southampton, Rockfield and Red Pump.  Clinic teams games are played at Red Pump. We do have access to other venues during the season and facilities are listed on the website. Games are held on Saturday’s beginning at 9am for the girls and boys. Each team has rotating start times during the season. We do not play on Columbus Day Weekend. If any games are canceled due to weather make up games if held will usually be held on the following Saturday and may occur during the week based on referee availability.

What are our Rules of Play? While we always try to adhere to the Soccer Laws of the Game, we do institute specific age group rules that are decided on by the coaches and commissioners prior to the start of the season. The rules will be posted on the website under the documents page prior to the start of the season.

Who do I contact for further information? You may contact us at  . Our current Chairman is Ryan O'connor. 

Finally besides your coach our website is filled with timely information .Please make sure you have checked to receive emails or notifications to keep up one the current information.