The Bel Air FC is a part of the Bel Air Recreation Committee will provide a competitive soccer experience for the youth soccer player. We will strive to create an environment that will provide each player with a valuable learning experience, an

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The Governor’s order requires compliance with all MD Department of Health and CDC guidance. The CDC clearly establishes that face coverings are required for adults and staff who are working with children.

Our responsibility is to establish the minimum requirements for our programs to operate safely and then enforce these minimums to the best of our ability. We do this with background checks, ID cards, lightening protocols, practice restrictions in hot weather, concussion protocols, etc. This is a new program minimum. It may become unnecessary once (or if) an effective vaccine is developed and widely used, but until then it is one of the most effective means at protecting one another from becoming infected.
Our policies effective June 15, 2020 will be:

- Face coverings, to the extent possible, will be worn by coaches and officials when social distancing is not feasible. Face coverings are not recommended when outside on very hot days due to the risk of heat related injury.

- Activities must make proper allowances for social distancing during practice and games.

- Proper hygiene should be followed, meaning no sharing of personal items, use of hand washing techniques when needed.

- All personal body contact should be avoided.

- Finally, if any player or volunteer feels sick they should remain home.